01 Mar 2019 11:42 AM

On 7 March 2019, I will be part of a 20 strong international team of tax advisers, immigration experts and lawyers from 13 member firms out of 10 countries. We will be joining forces under the Alliott Group/Global Mobility banner to co-sponsor the annual Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM) Global Mobility European Conference in Amsterdam.

Taking place at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam, this one-day conference will bring together over 300 global mobility and HR professionals from 100 international companies that have expatriate populations. Attendees will have travelled from various European locations and will include industries such as Retail, Energy, Shipping, Manufacturing, Logistics, IT, Management Consultancy, Auditing, Pharmaceuticals and more. Companies represented include IKEA, Booking.com, Nike, Heineken, Unilever and Samsung.

Luc Lamy, EMEA Chair of Alliott Group/Global Mobility, comments: “The FEM Global Mobility Conference forms an integral part of Alliott Group/Global Mobility’s ‘go to market’ strategy which is aimed at developing visibility of the specialist local expertise available to clients in most of the world’s commercial centres. Indeed, Alliott Group’s team of collaborative, trusted advisers are active across 65 countries in the fields of policies, procedures, immigration, tax and social security. We are positioned perfectly to make that vital difference to the success of our clients’ assignments.”

Alliott Group’s investment and involvement in this event extends to not only an exhibition stand, but also sponsorship of the pre-event drinks reception on Wednesday 6 March. Most importantly, however, two of the alliance’s global mobility specialists, Laura Butcher (Sherrards Solicitors, UK) and Stéphanie Lasschuijt (Borrie Expatriate Services, Netherlands) will deliver a 30-minute keynote presentation. Their session will highlight the biggest headaches clients are currently facing, drawing on real case studies to provide practical advice and address the questions their clients typically ask in today’s uncertain political and economic environment.

Alliott Group COO, Giles Brake, adds: “Our presence at this event demonstrates Alliott Group member firms’ collaborative approach to engaging with clients in this niche. Member professionals from the EMEA, Americas and APAC regions are working together through Alliott Group to position themselves as the default outsourcing option for locally based international companies that need strategic support in managing the risks inherent in moving teams of people in and out of different jurisdictions.”

At the event in Amsterdam I will be part of an international team which will include representatives from: Sherrards Solicitors (UK), Lawrence Cheung CPA Company (Hong Kong), Tax Consult (Belgium), audalis (Germany), SobelCo and Farkouh, Furman & Faccio (USA), Borrie Expatriate Services (Netherlands), Rothenbuchner & Partner (Austria), B4LEX and BES Associati (Italy), Fehér and Partners (Hungary), Guggenheim et Associés (Switzerland).

About Alliott Group/Global Mobility

Alliott Group/Global Mobility brings together carefully selected, medium sized tax, immigration and legal services providers in 165 cities across 65 countries worldwide. Member firms serve organisations of all sizes, from fast-growing start-ups to multinational groups.

Global Mobility Professionals managing mobility programmes in the EMEA, Americas, APAC and Australasian regions can count on the expertise, efficiency and collaborative approach provided by the team’s member experts, many of whom have backgrounds working for the big global consulting firms. Outsourcing tax and legal compliance and advisory services to Alliott Group/Global Mobility members adds specialist technical expertise and greater efficiency to the global mobility function. It will brings peace of mind, enabling global mobility and HR directors to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ strategic issues related to managing expatriate populations.

For more information go to www.alliottgroup.net/globalmobility or contact Alliott Group COO, Giles Brake (giles@alliottgroup.net).