30 Nov 2020 12:03 PM

Our specialist team of Brexit business advisors are publishing regular updates for businesses and individuals detailing the changes that will affect them when the transition period ends. 

We've arranged our articles in subject order, Employment and HR, International Trade, Tax and Education. 

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2 Nov. Brexit. Important Dates and Deadlines

2 Nov. Brexit. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Employment and HR

14 Jan. The Recruitment impact of the new immigration rules

2 Dec.  The UK Points System is now live

17 Nov. What does the EU Settlement Scheme mean for Employers?

2 Nov.  The New Immigration System from 1 January 2021 

International Trade

14 Jan. Selling goods to the EU. Problems and Solutions.

12 Jan. Guidance for businesses trading with the EU

4 Jan.   UK/EU Agreement on Trade and Cooperation

4 Jan.   Trade Agreements with non EU Countries

22 Dec. Changes to Customs Duty

17 Dec. Useful resources if you trade with the EU

16 Dec. VAT MOSS changes 

15 Dec. Guidance on VAT postponed accounting for imports (updated)

8 Dec.  The Known Knowns

1 Dec.  The Status of UK Trade Agreements 

20 Nov. The Northern Ireland Protocol and EORI Requirements 

16 Nov. Do you Trade with the EU? Do you need an EORI?

13 Nov. The UK Border is coming back

11 Nov. Northern Ireland Trade post-Brexit

5 Nov.   Postponed VAT accounting for imports from 2021

30 Oct. Is your buisness prepared for Brexit?

13 Jul.  Border controls in 2021

27 Jan. What Businesses need to know about VAT in 2020


14 JanVAT changes for foreign mail order sellers

14 Jan. Completing your VAT return post Brexit

14 Jan. VAT rules for goods post Brexit

14 Jan. VAT rules for services post Brexit

13 Jan. Is this the death of distance selling for VAT?

14 Dec. VAT Rules for Services

11 Dec. VAT Rules for Movement of Goods

13 Nov. Withholding Tax may be due on same payments from the EU

Education Sector

1 Oct.  An update for Colleges and Academies


15 Jan. Business Travel to the EU post Brexit.