14 Nov 2016 2:47 PM

Most jobs involve a little bit of stress and it can even be good for people in moderation. However, high levels of workplace stress can affect all areas of a person’s life and certainly make them less productive at work.

Employers who are looking to create a calmer and less stressful environment for their employees don’t necessarily need to make too many changes to the office environment or invest in expense measures, according to recent research by Cascade HR, the Stress Report.

The answer could be in offering employees flexible working where they may start and finish at different times, work from home on occasion or even work condensed weeks in certain situations. Just under half (47%) of respondents to the survey believe that the introduction of flexible working hours would help alleviate workplace stress.

The research also found that amongst the respondents:

35% feel financial rewards such as a cash bonus would help to tackle stress at work, and 34% believe holidays in lieu would reduce stress levels.
14% experience stress at work every day.
20% carry work stress home with them.
18% believe an office gym could help combat stress at work, and 21% think that an office masseur would have a positive impact on workplace stress levels.
29% would value a space away from their desks to relax, and 27% would prefer a designated eating area for breaks.
Some of the above changes may be achievable for you as an employer, but you may not know if they are appropriate.

My suggestion would be to first consider a confidential survey of your staff to assess where the pressure points may be and how you may be able to best address them.

If you would like to discuss this initiative in greater detail please contact me.