03 Nov 2017 1:10 PM

Published March 2017

The Post-16 Audit Code of Practice sets out a common standard for the provision of assurance in relation to funding of post 16 providers.      The ESFA have included guidance over common findings from regularity assurance work. These include:


  • Not holding management to account;
  • Inadequate record keeping ;
  • Ineffective implementation of policies and procedures (i.e. tendering)
  • Ineffective governance structure;
  • Inappropriate related party relationships, transactions and disclosures.


  • Ineffective use of resources;
  • Slow response to matters identified by Ofsted;
  • Inadequate record keeping;
  • Ineffective management structure.

It is recognised that as a sector there have been very few occurrences of irregularity, however, given the instances reported within the academy sector it is important to remain vigilant.