03 Nov 2020 8:00 AM

Our COVID-19 Information hub for Businesses and individuals is continually updated by our team of advisors as details are released.  Here is a guide to the articles we have published to make it easier for you to find the topic you are interested in.  Please keep checking back as we will be adding details of new developments are they are announced.

Date Blog Title Furlough Tax 

Self employed

Business Support Accounts Individuals Statutory Residence Test
11 Mar

Covid-19 relief measures extended again

    x x      
18 Feb

Paying your deferred VAT - New Payment Scheme

  x   x      
8 Feb

Latest Covid-19 Support Measures

7 Jan

Update on 2021 Government Support Measures

x x x x x x  
6 Nov

Furlough Scheme extended until March 2021

8 Nov 

Tougher criteria for third SEISS grant

5 Nov 

Chancellor extends self employed grant

3 Nov

Local Restrictions Support Grants for businesses forced to close

2 Nov

Furlough Scheme Extended in second lockdown

27 Oct

Update to the Job Support Scheme starting in November

x     x      
26 Oct

What are businesses obliged to to if an employee needs to self isolate?

21 Oct

Bounce Back Loan Scheme Extended

11 Sept

HMRC targets employers over CJRS claims

x     x      
10 Sept

Defining 'adversely affected' for the self employed

17 Aug

Important tax considerations for Charities

11 Aug

changes to tax free childcare for working families and key workers impacted by COVID 19

4 Aug

Furlough Scheme  - What's next? 

31 July 

Furloughed employees pay must be based on full pay

29 July

Calculating Furlough Pay, a Guide for Businesses

8 July

Announcements from Mini-Budget

x x x x      
 19 June

COVID-19. Update to the VAT Deferral for Businesses

19 June

Corporation tax – large companies quarterly interest payments

1 June Extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme x            
1 June Extension to SEISS     x        
28 May Update on Government support for businesses and individuals       x      
14 May Furlough Scheme Extended until October x            
13 May How do I Account for Furlough Payments? x     x x    
13 May COVID-19 Classified as life event for Salary Sacrifice       x   x  
29 Apr What you need to know - help for businesses and individuals       x   x  
24-Apr Furlough Scheme Q&A the latest important updates (a webinar) x            
21-Apr Support for Start ups, Scale ups and companies driving innovation       x      
20-Apr Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CLBILS)       x      
20-Apr Update for charities issuing refunds for cancelled events   x          
16-Apr HMRC guidance on corporation tax impact of COVID-19   x   x      
15-Apr Update on the Furlough scheme and business support x   x x      
08-Apr Webinar – Q&A Business support  x x x x x    
06-Apr Furlough leave scheme update  x            
04-Apr Business rates and grants available      x x      
03-Apr Gender pay gap reporting suspended        x      
02-Apr Information for international businesses       x      
02-Apr Governments support for individuals            x  
01-Apr Cash grants for businesses and charities       x      
31-Mar Carry over of annual leave rules relaxed        x   x  
31-Mar VAT and tax deferral   x          
31-Mar An example of how the self employed scheme works      x x      
31-Mar MTD for VAT delayed for 12 months   x   x      
29-Mar The Furlough Scheme Explained  x            
29-Mar FAQs the Furlough Scheme  x            
27-Mar The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme  x            
27-Mar Government support for the self-employed        x   x  
26-Mar Available business support 26 March       x      
26-Mar Extending your Accounts filing deadline          x    
25-Mar VAT deferral   x          
25-Mar What is a Furloughed worker?  x            
20-Mar Statutory Residence Test            x x

If you have any questions on the support available to businesses and individuals please contact us for further advice.