18 Nov 2015 10:30 AM

If you are thinking of setting up a business in the UK one of the first, and most important things on your to do list will be to open a UK bank account.

Over the last few years we have helped many clients to open a bank account in the UK. However, in this same period we have seen an increase in how tough it can be for a new company to open a UK bank account.

In our experience it’s companies from overseas who have the most difficulties.

We are always looking for ways that we can help our clients and make setting up in the UK even easier.  This is why we have formed close links with not only all the major banks, but also the key people within them, the specialists who manage the inward investment process for companies just like yours.

This close relationship means we are able to set up meetings with the bank for you at short notice.  It also means that we can make sure that get to speak to the right people first time. We know that being able to act quickly can make a big difference when you are dealing with the type of queries that arise when you are applying for a UK bank account.

 And we won’t just stand by while you do all the hard work.

 If you need us to, we will complete the lengthy, time consuming application forms or help you gather all of the information the banks require to open your account.

We also understand the different approaches different banks use so for different situations and sectors.  This means we can always find you the best bank for you, your circumstances your desired outcomes and then make sure they deliver the level of service you want.

So if you, your clients or colleagues are struggling to open a UK bank account and you’d like help in making the process simpler, please get in touch.