17 Jan 2022 10:10 AM

Recognising the impact of COVID-19 on people filing self-assessment tax returns, (and their agents), and the pressure to meet the 31 January deadline; HMRC are giving taxpayers extra time to submit their 2020/21 tax return and pay any tax due.

According to HMRC, almost 6 million taxpayers have yet to file their 2020/21 online self-assessment returns.

The penalty waivers mean that:

No late filing penalty will be charged if the return is filed online after 31 January 2022 but on or before 28 February 2022

No late payment penalty will be charged on the self-assessment tax that cannot be paid by 31 January deadline if it is paid in full, or if a time to pay arrangement is set up, by April 1 2022.

However HMRC are encouraging tax payers to file and pay by or on 31 January where possible as interest is payable from 1 February on any tax due.

HMRC have also reminded people to be alert to tax-related scams on the approach to the Self-Assessment deadline. Taxpayers should double-check that they use the full address: www.gov.uk/hmrc to access the correct link for securely filing Self-Assessment returns online.