23 Feb 2016 10:13 AM

Technology, systems and processes are advancing in all sectors at a very fast pace. The accountancy world is no different and has seen major evolution from the time of the 'paper bag jobs'. Clients are now demanding a real time solution which allows them to monitor their business performance and key performance indicators at the touch of a button. 

Alliotts have responded to this evolution by providing cloud accounting solutions to clients. We assess the needs of the client and recommend the best cloud accounting solution suited for their business. We have expertise in numerous cloud accounting platforms - Sage one,  Intuit (Quickbooks), Xero, Kashflow (Iris), FreeAgent, Online50 (Sage) and  SAP Business One. 

UK subsidiaries of overseas companies typically start up in the UK with one or two people to get the business going. Such companies have the need for real time information to see how the subsidiary is performing but do not necessarily want to employ bookkeeping staff to look after the accounting function. Alliotts also look after all the bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance which means that the parent company has one point of contact for all bookkeeping, accounting and tax related queries.

If the parent company already has a cloud accounting solution they use, we can work using the same software so that the reports are aligned to that of the parent company. If they have no preference, then, we will recommend the software best suited to their business.

Xero is fast gaining popularity amongst our UK based clients as well as UK subsidiaries of overseas parents because of its user friendliness and it's ability to integrate with different market add-ons. With over 400 add-ons, it is a difficult to decide which ones may be right for your business. This is where Alliotts come in - we can recommend the add-ons you need for your business based on our knowledge and experience.

Our team of experienced bookkeepers provide a cost-efficient, effective outsourcing function for our clients leaving them to focus on what they do best - running their businesses. As the same data is available and visible to both client and Alliotts at the same time, it is very easy to have a telephone conversation to go through issues as they arise. The Alliotts team can now talk to clients and update records in real time without having to wait for clients to send in reams of paper-work. In our experience, cloud accounting solutions have significantly improved management reporting systems. As the cloud accounting software usually link into bank accounts and have a host of other automated benefits, the role of a full time bookkeeper has diminished significantly and clients are now swapping to outsourcing their bookkeeping function to firms like ours where they get value-added services at a significant discount to hiring a full time in house bookkeeper. 

If you would like to discuss any cloud accounting solutions, please get in touch.