22 Feb 2017 12:43 PM

Whatever your musical tastes the career of Bruce Springsteen has been impressive. He possesses a musical talent aligned with absolute self belief and a notorious work ethic.  It is not surprising to see the devotion he has generated from millions of people who hold him up as a role model.

I have just read his biography ‘Born to Run’ which was seven years in the making and several passages in particular resonated with me personally. These include:-

Reflections on negotiating with a manager “He’d voiced what he believed my options to be in the language of power. Now, one of negotiation’s dance partners is always power, but civility and compromise must have their place on the dance floor also”.

Reflections on falling out with colleagues “There were certain things we could not agree upon. We were still pretty young and without the perspective time can bring to smooth out the rough spots. We had no overview to help us see the beauty and full value of our long friendship”.

Reflections on team ethos “You’re not looking for the best players. You’re looking for the right players who click into something unique. The Beatles, the Stones, the Sex Pistols, the New York Dolls, the Clash and U2 are all groups whose limitations became the seed for spectacular style and musical frontiermanship”. 

Reflections on the right working environment “I wanted people around me who would do their best to create the conditions where I could work peacefully and do my best, uninterrupted by a countless self-created tempests in a teapot”.

Reflections on legal contracts disputed in Court of Law “I found out that agreements mean you agreed to something”.

Reflections on staying true to yourself and beliefs “The success of your journey and your destinations all depend on who’s driving. I’d seen other great musicians lose their way and watch their music and art become anaemic, rootless, displaced when they seemed to lose touch with who they were. My music would be music of identity, a search for meaning and the future.”

Reflections on survival “If you want to burn bright, hard and long, you will need to depend upon more than your initial instincts. You will need to develop some craft and a creative intelligence that will lead you further when things get dicey”

‘Born to Run’ is well worth reading for an insight on what it takes never to give up and the life lessons learnt on the journey.