05 Aug 2019 10:22 AM

Alliotts is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Luke Bath to Partner.  Having completed his training and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant whilst at Alliotts, Luke is an example of Alliotts commitment to investing in its people. 

Luke joined Alliotts in 2011 and was appointed an Associate last year.  His role includes managing a team of outsourced business services specialists, working with clients ranging from fast growing start ups to large private equity firms.

Luke has actively contributed to the growth of two sectors within the practice, technology and corporate finance.  In addition, by introducing new technologies and processes to clients he has helped them future proof their businesses and run them more efficiently. Luke’s passion about the use of technology in the workplace and his drive to innovate makes him ideal to help continue the  growth of Alliotts.

Alliotts Chairman Ian Gibbon commented,

“We recognised that Luke had the qualities we were looking for in a partner early on in his career and we invested in helping him develop.  Along the way he demonstrated that he was willing to contribute time and effort into growing the practice and we are confident that as a partner he will be a driving force in the future of Alliotts”