08 Feb 2017 3:10 PM


We are pleased to announce that Alliotts have been accepted as members of The Independent Games Developers Association. TIGA (as it’s known), is an independent trade association representing the interests of the UK’s video games industry and a network for games developers and digital publishers.

Nick Watterson who leads Alliotts team of specialist advisors to the video games sector comments ‘Working with businesses in the sector day in day out, providing start up and tax advice and helping business owners run their businesses as smoothly as possible, we know first hand the contribution that this growing sector makes to the economy.’

We work with a wide range of clients in the video games sector, from start ups, established businesses through to overseas companies looking to relocate to the UK. As members of Alliott Group, an international alliance of independent accountants and lawyers, we have access to professional, business and tax advice in over 70 countries.

He added, ‘It’s an exciting time, sure there challenges to running a video games business, but there things you can get right at the beginning to make life easier such as making sure you know about tax incentives and getting your accounting right.’

Based in Guildford and London, two keys locations for the video games sector, Alliotts are looking forward to meeting with other TIGA members and are planning to host a TIGA quiz night in Guildford shortly.

If you would like to speak to member of our specialist video games sector advisors please contact me.