12 Dec 2016 11:54 AM

The UK is appealing as a location for an international holding company for several reasons; it has stable legal, political and economic systems; an attractive tax regime; and an extensive tax treaty with the rest of the world.

Other important business aspects that the UK can offer international companies are access to a highly skilled workforce; initiatives to support innovation and research and development and ease of travel to other areas. The good news is that the Brexit vote doesn’t appear to have impacted the UK’s appeal to overseas investors.

Last week fast food giant McDonalds announced that it is relocating its non US holding company from Luxembourg to the UK as part of a drive to increase operational efficiency and because it has a significant number of staff in London. 

A spokesman for the company claimed that the move will help make administration simpler as well as saving costs and increasing flexibility; in their statement however McDonalds stated that favourable corporation tax rates was not the motivating factor in making the move.

We are working with international businesses looking to set up in the UK by helping them structure their operations to achieve day to day efficiency and to meet corporate objectives.   

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