31 Jul 2015 9:55 AM

I was interested to read in The Independent that yet another major corporation, Accenture, is ditching its annual performance review process in favour of a more fluid, real time feedback system. The article reports upon research which has shown the once a year reviews don’t engender motivation amongst staff and in fact can stunt growth and creativity.

This resonated with me as I recently blogged about how I investigated the annual performance review process and found it to be ineffective in helping people identify their contribution to the company’s goals.

The concept of feeding back just once a year and then undertaking a massive box ticking exercise that is then forgotten until 12 months later is counter productive on several levels.

Whatever process a company uses, it should include regular conversations between line managers and staff about what is good and what can be improved. These conversations should be collaborative and based around current facts so that strengths can be appropriately channelled for mutual benefit and continuous development.