23 May 2019 12:57 PM

Cannes Film Festival 2019 provided a great opportunity for our Media Team to catch up with our clients, our professional contacts and to speak with new producers wanting to know more about our business offering and the upsides of working in the UK.

Overseas producers are keen to understand the tax incentives available to them from all practical and viable location hubs around Europe. Outside the UK the most popular considered jurisdictions appear to be Hungary, Spain and Ireland. Whilst all these locations provide favourable incentives, the advantage of hiring competent and skilled technicians in the UK means that overall the UK remains the preferred destination.

Cannes was very busy for Alliotts Media Team and remains the key festival for us. We will also be attending Venice, Toronto, Berlin and probably AFM in the next year.

However, overall attendee numbers and presence at Cannes is in decline. There was a time when you had to allow extra travel time to get from a meeting at The Majestic to your next at The Carlton; navigating through the crowds of people walking around Cannes took an age. Not any longer.

Apart from the rush and buzz around the nightly premiers at The Palais, La Croisette is amazingly quiet. The reasons for this can only be speculated over here. The ascendancy of other Festivals such as Venice, Sundance and Toronto must surely be a factor.

Additionally, Cannes has provided very few world box office releases or major award winning films over the last decade or so. This year the festival hosted the world premieres for ‘Rocketman’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. I anticipate both films will achieve great success in 2019. I attended the premier of ‘Once Upon a Time’ in Hollywood and I was totally bowled over by its scale and depth. Tarantino is a genius in my opinion and someone that Cinema needs.

However, I felt the other major films were somewhat lesser offerings, which perhaps is confirmed by the lukewarm reviews subsequently appearing in the worldwide press.

So, apart from the rain and chilly weather at the time, Cannes was marvellous for us.

See you in 2020!