14 Sep 2017 2:25 PM

The Chartered Institute of Payroll Managers have informed us of an email scam that is doing the rounds and targeting payroll clients. The email purports to be from ‘kashflow payroll’, with a subject line of ‘RTI filing complete’.  The content of the email reads:



We have completed RTI filing for your company. The details are below.    

Tax Year:               2017-18

Period:                   M5

RTI Filing Type:    FPS

To view the full submission details, Click here.


If you receive this email please DO NOT click on any of the links contained in it. If you are a payroll client of Alliotts then any notifications about your filing would always go to us. If you receive an email like this and are unsure if it is genuine then please contact Sue Hancock before clicking on any of the links.