20 Sep 2019 2:59 PM

Upon the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Alliotts welcomed a delegation of six senior leaders from Hubei Provincial Audit Office. The in-depth discussion during the engagement focussed on similarities as well as divergences of Sino-British corporate based auditing and risk control methodologies, which mutually benefitted the understanding of both parties.


Photo: Mark Miles presenting on behalf of Alliotts

As a landlocked province in Central China, Hubei is one of the corner stones of China's belt and road initiative, and this meeting reflected the commitment and endeavour of Hubei to embellish the corporate accounting and auditing framework. Mr Zhang (Director of Hubei Provincial Audit Office) stressed the importance for Chinese corporates to understand international laws and risk management practices in order grow safely on the international frontier.  He reflected, the Audit profession is more than simply numbers, it is the practice of identifying and interpreting meaning behind the financials, which requires a lifetime of learning and continuous self-development.


photo: The delelgation from the Hubei Audit Office with Jon Luk, Qi He and Mark Miles of Alliotts.

Finally, the Senior leaders of the Hubei Audit Office, the Alliotts Partners and Auditors all felt the immense level of responsibility and reflected, the need to enhance collaboration in order to better advance the Sino-British trade.