13 Jan 2016 12:00 AM

In my last blog post I suggested seven key business strategies for 2016, but it's equally important to focus on our personal goals, here are six strategies towards improving personal performance in 2016.

1. Remember - self development never stops.  It is a journey without a destination.  Review and continually critique past performance and focus on future self improvement.


2.Define your goals.  Be clear what your career objectives are - and plan how you will attain them.  Except in a few instances, promotion and elevation are not handed out at lotteries but are grasped following hard work.  We control our own destinies.


3. Listen.  Listening enhances our knowledge, helps us to empathise with people and ultimately will help us win over people and garner trust.  Remember listen is an amalgam of silent.  It is not easy an easy skill to master.


4.Read.  The more you read the more you will understand what you do not know.  I wish I had read William Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ 20 years ago.  Unfortunately, we tend to spend a lot of our lives cocooned - discover what is out there.


5.Care for people - you cannot be a rounded and fully developed person unless you care, understand and interact with other people - especially those that may need your help.


6.Trust your intuition - intuition has been one of the key drivers of mans survival.  Our intuition – or gut feeling - is a wonderful and powerful attribute.  If a strategy does not feel right or sit well with what you are doing, follow your instinct - don’t do it!