10 Jun 2015 10:58 AM

When investing in property or embarking on a property refurbishment project you will want to be sure that you are complying with all UK filing requirements, that your investment is tax efficient not only in the UK, but internationally, and that you are taking advantage of any reliefs available.

Whether you are buying a property in central London or the country, or refurbishing an existing property there are many complex areas of taxation where you will require specialist advice to help you maximise the value of your investment.

Our expert advisors specialise in working closely with clients worldwide, both UK and non UK resident, domiciled and non domiciled. We advise them on the tax aspects of their UK property investment and property refurbishment. We understand the tax implications of residency and domiciliary status in the context of property investment and can advise on the best options to suit each individual investment.


 Alliotts Property Team

Sudheer Gupta

Sudheer advises international high net worth individuals on the areas of taxation they need to consider to maximise the value of their investment in London property. This includes understanding the difference between holding a property in person or in an entity, remittance issues, the impact of domicile status on personal tax, ATED, VAT on refurbishment costs and capital gains tax planning

Jon Luk

Jon heads up our China desk. He works with high net worth individual investors from China, Hong Kong and the Far East, advising them on tax efficient property investment in London

David Gibbs

David advises international clients on the tax aspects of buying, owning and disposing of UK property. This includes onshore and offshore acquisition structures and covers single one-off purchases or the setting up of an investment portfolio. With the recent changes to the tax rules on the ownership of UK property by non-resident investors, clients need to ensure their current structures remain cost efficient and fit for purpose