19 Nov 2018 12:15 PM

Alliotts joins ‘Alliott Group/Global Mobility’ Team on the International Stage at FEM EMEA Summit 2018

David Gibbs head of our London tax team recently joined forces with international counterparts from Alliott Group, our international alliance, to present an expert panel on the complex compliance issues faced by those organisations with expatriate populations.

From 8-9 November, David teamed up with specialist international colleagues from the alliance’s Global Mobility Services Group at the Forum for Expatriate Management’s (FEM) EMEA Summit in London. Alliott Group/Global Mobility’s cross-border team was represented by 16 members from 13 firms from across North America, EMEA and Australasia.

The FEM EMEA Summit is one of Europe’s go-to event for global mobility and HR professionals. This year's conference attracted 400 leaders and innovators at the forefront of the industry and offered the opportunity to network with representatives from organisations such as Booking.com, The British Council, Coca Cola, E.ON, Heineken, IBM, the Home Office and Unilever. 


 Members of the Alliott Group/Global Mobility panel

(l-r Paul Marmor (Sherrards, London), seated: Stefan Creemers (Tax Consult, Belgium) David Gibbs (Alliotts, London), Christian Bruetting (audalis, Germany) Hunter Norton (Farkouh, Furman & Faccio, NY), Mark Fellows (Sherrards), Kathleen Gaber (Masuda Funai, USA).

David remarked:

"The FEM EMEA Summit in London was a great success for Alliott Group/Global Mobility. It demonstrated not only the specialist expertise of the group but also the friendly and highly collaborative approach that is offered by member firms in 165 cities across 63 countries. Over two days, clients struggling with the tangled web of compliance issues related to moving their employees across borders were able to talk to us about their challenges and find out how we can provide solutions as a member of Alliott Group/Global Mobility.”

Delegates participated in expert panels, interactive roundtables and networking sessions; subjects covered included; predictions for the global mobility landscape in 2028; the dos and don'ts for RFPs localising assignees; and how to use the UK Home Office's new digital system for applying for settled status.

As well as co-sponsoring the event, Alliott Group/Global Mobility’s multidisciplinary global team of tax advisers, immigration experts and lawyers led an expert panel which presented two case studies that gave practical tips on reducing the risk in cross border assignments by outsourcing advice from Alliott Group’s medium-sized member firms.

Luc Lamy, EMEA Chair of Alliott Group/Global Mobility commented:

"Our participation in this conference highlighted the role being played by the member firms of international alliances such as Alliott Group in this sector. It was interesting to hear from delegates that they are increasingly dissatisfied with the levels of service offered by the big consulting firms and that they want true partnerships with professional firms who will offer a more collaborative service at a more competitive price point. That is exactly the gap in the market that we intend to fill."

For more information on Alliott Group and our global mobility group please go to www.alliottgroup.net/globalmobility 

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