18 Aug 2021 2:10 PM

The future is vanilla flavoured, which is great if you like vanilla, but maybe not if you prefer raspberry.  Regardless of your personal preferences, in the ever expanding and diversifying search of ways to deal with plastic waste, scientists have announced that they have found a way to convert plastic waste into vanilla flavouring by using genetically engineered bacteria.

Yes, this is great news for vanilla enthusiasts (as demand already outstrips the vanilla bean supply) more importantly it’s another prime example of previously implausible solutions to current day issues.

With the increasing flow of news on global warming, and its effects apparent across many regions,  perhaps solutions may be more left field than we can ever imagine, in fact perhaps even out of this world?

Even today space technology is being used to reduce vehicles’ carbon dioxide emissions; weather satellites are helping solar cells produce more energy; and remote-sensing technology is making wind turbines more efficient.

The announcement by the UK Government that it has set up a £375m fund for ‘gamechanging’ UK tech firms will, I hope, help support the innovation of solutions to the many problems we face.

Under the scheme, the Government will co-invest alongside private enterprise with the fund favouring industries such as quantum computing, life sciences and clean technology in an effort to spur breakthroughs that can ‘solve some of society’s greatest challenges.’