06 Apr 2018 10:45 AM

Although Brexit is less than a year away, the UK remains the top destination for foreign direct investment in Europe. For many it’s a balancing act, there is uncertainty surrounding what will happen post Brexit, but there is also risk in doing nothing. One of the ways businesses are choosing to mitigate one of the most significant risks is to set up a UK subsidiary. This will ensure you can continue trading in Britain after it leaves the EU and also will give you a potential opportunity to have access to any preferential trade agreements.

It’s become increasingly difficult for non-UK companies to open a bank account in the UK; another benefit of having an established subsidiary in the UK is easier access to banking facilities.

We are currently working with overseas businesses, helping them to set up entities and helping them to manage the complex matters around UK compliance. We streamline the whole process for them whilst they have the reassurance of knowing that next year they will be in a position to take advantage of the benefits available to UK businesses.

If you are considering your future options but aren’t sure where to start, our specialist multilingual teams provide a complete solution to take care of all the initial practical set up and registrations. We also provide company secretarial services to ensure that your UK business is compliant with all relevant laws, regulations and reporting requirements.

These are not things best left to chance – especially as companies active across European borders may need to comply not only with EU regulations post Brexit, but also with newly created UK domestic regulations.

Our specialist tax teams are on hand to help clients with their international tax questions, from VAT on cross-border transactions, to double taxation and customs duties; areas which are likely to need careful consideration post Brexit.

The services that we are most often asked to provide to overseas companies looking to set up in the UK include

The UK is certain to remain an attractive marketplace and open up opportunities for businesses in new markets, and our specialist teams are here to help make the process of setting up and running a UK subsidiary as hassle free as possible.