16 Apr 2020 1:42 PM

Coronavirus is creating havoc worldwide. The health implications remain uncertain and challenging whilst it is causing havoc for the global economy.

However, consistent with all economic cycles, whilst many businesses fail, for others the cataclysmic conditions offer opportunity. One of the big winners at present in the Media sector are the Streamers. At a time when cinemas are closed and we see the awful plight of Cineworld, caught up with a debt mountain and no business coming through the foyers, the likes of Netflix, Disney and Hulu are booming.

Talk to almost anyone on Zoom, Teams or Houseparty and the conversation will turn to how they have discovered the of the joys of say Money Heist or they are catching up at long last with 'The Sopranos.' This TV drama centred on an American-Italian family is, in my opinion, the greatest TV box set, so don't miss the opportunity to catch it. 

Disney is now already up to 50m plus subscribers, well you have to keep the kids happy during the lock down; whilst Netflix is seeing a huge increase in subscriber numbers and let's face, you do get great value for money.

And now here's the question. The world no doubt will look different when we come out of this crisis in many many ways, will this apply to cinema and the way we access and view content?