01 Jun 2021 3:58 PM

As summer approaches, it feels as if more positive times are on the way with the lifting of the most restrictive lockdown measures and the hope of further easing.

But of course with this commitment to opening up the country and the economy again comes the realisation that the unprecedented levels of government expenditure need to be accounted for. The opening up of business support funding in the Budget to more industries according to need and the extension of the 100% business rates relief to the end of June 2021, with a reduction in the rate continuing into 2022, offer immediate lifelines but taxpayers will know that these schemes must be funded.

The stealth taxes introduced in the Chancellor’s spring Budget are just the start of his long-term repayment plan, and taxpayers across the country are likely to feel the impact of frozen thresholds very soon.

In our guide to 50 Tax Tips for 2021/22, we cover a range of ways that you can manage your tax planning across personal and family planning, savings and investments, property, retirement, estate planning, business and employment and overseas issues.

With worked examples and hints, you’ll find useful guidance and strategies to help you make your tax planning decisions even in these difficult times, minimising your tax and maximising your opportunities. We offer strategies to people affected by the pandemic, whether they are due to retire, or have a reduced income due to furlough, and if your business has been forced to shut down its activity due to Covid-19 we highlight how to offset losses until you are able to pick up again.

Please get in touch to discuss any issues that you think may affect you.

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