12 Mar 2015 12:00 AM

Less than one week to go until the last Budget of this Parliament and the team at Alliotts are busy speculating what George is going to say.

We've collected our thoughts and our guess is that announcements could include moves to:

-Increase the personal allowance to £12,500.
-Increase the basic rate band to allow people to earn £50,000 before paying a higher rate of tax.
-More anti-avoidance on individuals with undisclosed offshore bank accounts.
-Broadening the employers National Insurance relief for workers under 25 years old.
-Making the annual investment allowance a permanent fixture.

But a word of caution...dont go spending it all yet. If these measures are announced, it is likely that they could be rolled out over the whole of the term of the next Parliament. If George keeps his job of course.

Following the budget a podcast summarising the highlights of the Budget will be available on our website, as well as a downloadable summary and the update tax rates and allowances.