Thriving businesses care about their people and about their experience of the workplace. As a business owner, or as the person looking after the HR function, you are likely to be juggling managing a mountain of HR data with looking after your team.

Come and join us to hear how you can streamline the management of HR data in your business and the simple steps you can take to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Would you like to spend less time with data and more time with people?

BreatheHR is a cloud based HR solution that helps businesses grow as well as taking care of employee data throughout the employee relationship, keeping it safe and secure, whilst keeping you GDPR compliant.

Ben Chappels will explain how breatheHR puts your business in control of all its HR functions, processes and employee documents; allowing you to manage absence, employee data, expenses, recruitment, training and performance. Designed specifically for the SME market, Ben will demonstrate how breatheHR can actively contribute to business growth. Meet breatheHR.

Creating a healthier workplace where people want to work

Whilst your HR data is in safe hands, you’ll have time to focus on creating an environment where people feel valued, and as your people thrive, so will your business.

But knowing where to start and what to do can be a minefield, your people may have diverse needs and there is no ‘off the shelf’ solution. Rosemary Hedgecock, Head of HR at Alliotts will guide you through some simple steps employers have taken to create a healthy workplace. Referring to case studies Rosemary will walk you through a range of changes that can make a tangible difference to the wellbeing of employees and to productivity.

Our presenters will also be happy to answer any of your questions on managing HR data and creating healthy workplace.

Meet our speakers:

Ben Chappels, Partner Account Manager at breatheHR

Ben works closely with Alliotts and many companies throughout the UK that provide breatheHR as a solution to clients. He has first hand experience of how this has helped individual SME’s and the resulting positive effect on employee happiness, productivity and engagement.

Rosemary Hedgecock, Head of HR Management Services at Alliotts

Rosemary is an advocate for wellbeing awareness in the workplace and understands the challenges that employers face in implementing a culture shift towards a healthy working environment. She works with business owners supporting them through, and advising them on, all aspects of HR management.

Event Details
19 Sep 2018
8:00 AM
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
020 7240 9971