At our next Guildford Business Growth Forum we will host an interactive discussion on mental health which will include a panel of mental health experts and advisors.

Mental health affects us as individuals, co workers and as business owners. Work related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 45% of days lost in 2015/16. With days taken off due to mental ill health increasing by 25% year-on-year, we need to understand more, to know more and to talk more.

The Government is encouraging people to be more open about mental health issues, but business owners need to lead a cultural shift towards taking mental health wellbeing seriously in the workplace.

Our panel of mental health experts will share insights on developing more openness about mental health issues; how to create a culture of tolerance and understanding in the workplace; how to identify when an individual may need help and how to start that sensitive conversation. The focus will be on micro and small business environments

The discussion will be facilitated by Rosemary Hedgecock, Head of HR at Alliotts and provider of HR Consultancy services.

Our panel will include

Jane Nathan, Clinical Founder and Director, MHFA Instructor (youth and adults)

Dr Ann Fitzgerald, Counselling Psychologist

Dr Bill Young, C & A Psychiatrist and Mindfulness Teacher

Susan McGrath, Psychotherapist

Simona Hamblet, Employment lawyer and Executive Coach

Nick White - Project Lead - Guildford First

At what promises to be an informative and enlightening discussion, as well as hearing from experts in the area of mental health wellbeing, there will be the opportunity to ask your own questions. You will benefit by attending if your business or role needs you to have more knowledge about mental health.


If you are unable to attend, but would like to hear more on the subject of Mental Health Wellbeing in the Workplace please contact

Event Details
15 Mar 2017
7:45 AM
Riverview Restaurant
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre
Rebecca Trudgett
01483 533119