Statutory Audit

Preparation and audit of your annual accounts is a legal necessity for many businesses, so one that cannot be overlooked. It is also the perfect opportunity to move your enterprise forward to the next level.

However, choosing an Accountant and Statutory Auditor that is capable of providing that drive isn’t quite so straightforward. On first sight, one set of published accounts can look pretty much like any other and as the added value that the audit may have brought is not always obvious to the external eye, you have to experience the Auditor’s work before you can judge its quality.

Your choice of Accountant and Auditor comes down to trust. So why choose Alliotts?

Alliotts' business boosting approach to your Statutory Audit


We have an experienced, loyal and long serving team at Alliotts. We get to know your business well, so we can really tell what’s working and what isn’t. This enables us to consistently give you a great service.

Sharp focus

We give you a concise statement of your key business indicators, showing clearly the areas of your business that need attention. This makes everything very black and white for you, helping you to create a clear plan for the next stage of your business development.

Smart solutions

We don’t just flag the problems that we pick-up from our accounting and auditing work; we recommend options to overcome them. It’s not enough to just highlight the issues; at Alliotts we go the extra mile to actually offer you the solutions as well.

Experience counts

Working with all businesses from start-ups to major multinationals, we’re thoroughly up to date with sector best practice, ensuring your business gets only the finest advice.

Specialist Audit & Assurance Review Services

Certain organisations are subject to regulation that requires them to undergo specialist audit or assurance reviews.

Our experienced Audit & Assurance Teams, with their in-depth knowledge of the relevant reporting requirements, are able to provide the following specialist services, to help you remain compliant with the regulations of your sector:

  • CAA ATOL Accountant’s Report – ICAEW Licensed Practitioner
  • Charities and Not for Profit sector - Audit and Independent Examinations
  • Academies, Independent Schools, Colleges and Education sector - Audit
  • FCA registered entities - Audit and Reporting
  • Media and Entertainment - British Certification & Tax Relief
  • Residential Lettings - ARLA Accountant’s Report
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority Accounts Rules – Accountant’s Report

Assurance Services

The vast majority of UK companies and businesses no longer require a statutory audit. Their only requirement is to file annual accounts with Companies House and/or HM Revenue & Customs. In those circumstances you may, of course, elect to have a voluntary audit up to the standards required by law.

As an alternative, particularly if you do not want to bear the relatively high cost of a full audit, Alliotts offer a range of Assurance Services carried out in accordance with International Standards on Assurance Engagements, International Standards on Review Engagements and the guidance of our professional body, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. These are limited assurance reviews that fall short of a full audit but provide the business owner and users of the business accounts with some assurance that the accounts have been properly prepared.

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