What is R&D Tax Relief? 

The UK Government introduced R&D Tax Relief as a generous incentive to encourage businesses to carry out innovative 'research and development' activity and is a way of giving them extra funds to help with the costs involved. The system also helps make the UK attractive to overseas businesses.

There are two distinct schemes, the SME (small and medium enterprises) scheme and the Large Company scheme. For details of both schemes please see Alliotts R&D Tax Relief factsheet.

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R&D Tax Relief Eight important facts

R&D Tax Relief is under utilised and there are many misconceptions; that it is only applicable for traditional ‘science’ led sectors; that it’s too complex and time consuming; and that it’s only for a narrow range of R&D activities.

To help clarify what R&D is really about we've put together a eight useful facts to make you think again. R&D Tax Relief Eight important facts.

How Alliotts R&D specialists will help you with your R&D Tax Relief claim

We'll start by identifying areas where you are eligible to make a claim.

We'll then manage the complex application process on your behalf.

We'll liaise with HMRC to ensure that you receive the correct tax relief due, promptly.

Why Alliotts?

Leaving your R&D claim in our capable hands makes the whole process hassle free and lets you focus on growing your business. We know that no two businesses are the same, so we adapt our approach to match your situation. 

About Alliotts R&D specialists:

A great track record of successful R&D tax relief claims

History of identifying and submitting claims for activities which have previously been overlooked.

Manage the process from start to finish, from preparing the detail of the claim to filing it with HMRC.

To find out if your business could be eligible for R&D Tax Relief please contact us


Further information

About R&D Tax Relief: Alliotts R&D Tax Relief Factsheet.

What you may not be aware of: Eight important things you need to know about R&D Tax Relief.


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