Valuing a business is a specialist task that draws on the years of experience of Alliotts’ team.

A valuation may be needed for many reasons including

  • A business sale
  • A business purchase
  • A merger
  • A probate valuation for a death estate
  • Share option valuations
  • Capital gains tax valuations on sale or gift
  • Inheritance tax valuations
  • Divorce settlements
  • Partnership break-ups
  • Demergers/business splitting
How We Use Our Specialist Business Valuation Skills to Help You

At Alliotts we use our company valuation skills and judgements to value the business on an appropriate basis for its circumstances. We consider all aspects of the business – its future potential, any off balance sheet assets such as IPR, its risk environment, inherent latent taxation liabilities etc – to produce a valuation that both suits both your needs and is justifiable to the tax authorities for both stamp duty and capital taxes purposes.

Business Valuation Methods

There are many valuation techniques such as Price/Earnings models, EBITDA multiples, asset values, discounted cashflows, the Capital Asset Pricing Model, break up valuations, going concern valuations, fair values, and owner values.

To speak to one of our specialist business valuation advisors on company valuations please contact Ian Gibbon, Chris Cairns or Dipali Buch

Chris Cairns
Chris Cairns
David Gibbs
David Gibbs
Dipali Buch
Dipali Buch
Luke Bath
Luke Bath
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