Strategic HR Advice & Help For Business

Getting your HR right is challenging. Following the right procedures and keeping on top of changing legislation and regulation is complex and time consuming.

It’s a balance, managing the line between what individuals want, and what the business demands. However both parties are linked by mutual expectations, and ultimately want the same things - prosperity.

We take a strategic approach to HR. Strategic HR aligns company goals with performance and gives everyone involved a real sense of purpose. For the business, strategic HR will reduce incidents of claim, increase levels of motivation and engagement, improve performance and increase productivity.

Pre-Employment, Recruitment & Selection Advice

You want to attract and retain the best people for your business, however an employer is at risk of an Employment Tribunal claim even before an employment relationship begins. Our advice will help you to attract talent, select and recruit lawfully. We can help you with:

  • Defining and advertising posts - job design
  • Designing the recruitment process,
  • Taking up references and carrying out pre-employment checks.

Once you’ve taken on a new employee we can help with:

  • Efficient induction process
  • Monitoring early progress and beyond.
Employment Documentation

To make sure your business is operating lawfully you need certain documentation which we can design bespoke to the needs and culture of your business.

Employment Policies

In addition to the contract of employment which covers all legal aspects, we can supply associated employment policies. Polices are tailored specifically for your business to reflect the culture of your organisation, provide a guide to some of the more technically complicated areas of employment rights and highlight the responsibilities of the employer and employee in certain circumstances.

Performance Management

To achieve optimum productivity for the business, job satisfaction for the individual and to maintain consistent and equal treatment, it is essential that performance is managed effectively. We provide a performance management system that is tailored to your company culture and aligned to take account of both the Company’s and the individual’s aspirations.

Become an ‘Employer of Choice’

One certainty in life is change. People invest a large part of their lives at work and they want to feel a connection with your business. We provide strategies for being an ‘employer of choice,’ This means considering all generations and creating the right conditions in your business for:

  • individual wellbeing
  • career development
  • communication and consultation
  • effective change management

Get this right, and your business will retain the most talented teams and individuals.

Communicating Change

We can help with the communication of sensitive issues such as restructuring / redundancies and ways to communicate and listen to engender ideas and opinions for positive growth.

All employees are individuals and you never know what issues they are likely to raise. As well as reducing the risks of falling foul of UK employment legislation, robust systems for recruitment and selection, up to date contracts of employment and employment handbooks, performance management systems and excellent communicating strategies can all help employers grow and develop business.

To discuss how to use HR strategy to grow your business please contact Rosemary Shields

Rosemary Shields
Rosemary Shields
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Chris Mason

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